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A more inclusive Middle East, one in which a person's ethnicity, disability, religion or nationality do not pose a barrier to the fulfillment of their potential.


To nurture hope among marginalised people, by partnering with locally-run organisations whose work provides for their needs, and brings about social inclusion.


To generate revenue for the organisations we support. 


To forge a relationship with them, through which we can represent their work faithfully, and express our solidarity meaningfully. 


To grow an understanding among our supporters of each organisation, and of the barriers that hinder their pursuit of social inclusion.


Justice The causes of social exclusion are often structural and political, and cannot be solved by charity alone. As well as supporting the work of our partners, we therefore seek to cast light on the injustices that make their work necessary. 


Compassion Compassion means ‘to suffer with’, and our partners tell us that international solidarity provides for them a source of strength. The funding we provide is evidence of this, but so too are the relationships we build.  


Humility We build partnerships with organisations who have effective and sustainable strategies. We recognise their skills, knowledge and experience, and so we are at their service.


100% of every donation goes to our partners 

We can do this because we are run voluntarily by our trustees, & our costs are covered by private funds. 


We do not stipulate how this money is spent

Through the trust built with our partners, we know that they are best placed to  allocate the funds we give them – affording them this freedom allows funds  to go where they can be most effective in bringing about inclusion.


We only fund organisations that are locally-run

The local knowledge of our partners, and the regard in which the community holds them, are essential to their pursuit of inclusion.  

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