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The Princess Basma team is serving children with chronic and acute disabilities arising from the war in Gaza.  

Ismail, a new physiotherapist, joined Musa, the Social Worker, and Al Zahraa, the Occupational Therapist on 1st May.

All three staff are working from where they find themselves displaced in different locations, to minimize travel and better protect their safety. They meet online as regularly as possible with the Princess Basma medical team in Jerusalem, who assess the children they screen, help prioritize, and supervise their work.

In the first 4 months of 2024:

Al Zahraa, an Occupational Therapist, worked intensively with 23 children and their caregivers in Rafah out of
the shelter where she is displaced.

Musa, a social worker, provided psychosocial support for 18 children with severe disabilities in Gaza City and for their 16 caregivers, many of them volunteers.

Introducing Ismail - a new Physiotherapist in Gaza

In his first week Ismail screened 16 children with disabilities in Khan Younis, and in collaboration with his colleagues in Jerusalem, he is prioritizing his caseload. He told the Clinical Co-ordinator at Princess Basma -

"I wanted to start working straightaway because the need here is immense, especially for treating children"

Princess Basma staff hope and pray that one day, in the near future, the small team can work together
out of the new Princess Basma satellite unit at Al Ahli Hospital. The unit was renovated last Autumn but was damaged in the war. The small mobile team are united in faithful commitment, serving their neighbors sheltering alongside them.

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How you can help

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre urgently needs your help to continue and scale up its services for the children of Gaza. 

100% of funds that are donated through JustAct Middle East will be passed directly to the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre. 

In the photographs below, Al Zahraa the Occupational Therapist supports children in Gaza

Al Zahraa and boy final.jpg
Al-Z child and massage with olive oil 10th feb.jpg
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